Stay Strong, Mama

Did you know the average mom works 98 hours per week? I attended an event last night at Fierce Lab about reinventing motherhood. I think my biggest takeaways were the realizations that 1) I’m doing better than I think, and 2) that all of us mamas are juggling a lot and that tending to ourselves often gets buried in taking care of everyone else.

I was amazed when the question was asked, “Who in this room works full time?” Every single one of us raised our hands. Being a mom these days looks so different than it used to. Self-care is more important now than ever.

Of course this can look like pedicures, massages, and date nights, but in addition to giving ourselves time away from our kids, it is so important to invest in building our own dreams and goals outside of our family lives so that when those kiddos grow up, we don’t feel empty inside. What do YOU really want in life? What meaningful work are you cultivating? How can you package this up and share it with the world? Because we need your gifts. Your story and experience are important – they just might change someone’s life.

I have worked with a life coach for the past two years, and more recently a therapist, as well. It’s so important to have support and people we can talk to who help us both process the past and keep us moving toward the future.

The transformation and accountability I’ve experienced working with my life coach are what inspired me to become a coach myself. I am not only passionate about helping other moms reconnect with themselves and their dreams, but anyone looking to make a shift or reach a specific goal.

Are you ready? Let’s get started today. Book some time into my calendar, I offer a free consultation and I’d love to connect with you.