Life Design: Ten Steps

What’s Life Design?

Designing your life simply means designing the lifestyle you want to live everyday. It is where living becomes a creative process and not an escape from reality.

Life design is a concept and process that involves intentionally and purposefully creating and shaping your life in a way that aligns with your values, passions, goals, and aspirations. It’s a strategic approach to designing a life that is fulfilling, meaningful, and in line with your personal vision. Life design encompasses various aspects of an individual’s life, including career, relationships, personal growth, and overall wellbeing.

Life design is a journey that will invite you to accept where you are now, determine what’s important to you, and empower you to move forward toward your goals.

How Do We Do It?

Life design can be applied to various life domains, including career planning, personal development, relationships, health and wellness, and more. It’s a proactive and intentional approach to living a fulfilling and purpose-driven life — one that will enable you to take control of your destiny and create a life that brings you joy and satisfaction.

Life design is a dynamic and ongoing process, and you may revisit and revise your plans as they evolve and grow throughout your life. It is a proactive approach to living a fulfilling and purposeful life, taking into account personal values, passions, and long-term visions.

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