How to Be Happier

Did you know that on average, people with a more positive mental model (vs. a negative one) live ten years longer?!

Putting in the effort to cultivate a positive mindset in life literally contributes to an optimal state of physical and mental health… so much so that it can extend your life significantly.

The thing is, it takes effort to become more positive. Each one of us has a natural negativity bias because our brains are wired to protect us and keep us alive. This means we have a tendency to see the negative… the problems, the challenges… what’s not working in our lives. Fear, sadness, and anger can completely rob us of our joy and our ability to think logically into the future, if we let these core emotions take us over.

The key is to create situations in our lives where we feel the higher vibrational emotions of love, gratitude, connection, compassion, acceptance, and peace. When we feel these emotions our brains release feel good chemicals that actually open our minds to receive more information and our hearts to be healthier and more vibrant.

It’s not just about the big, monumental moments in life or things we experience individually. Science has actually proven that frequent, mild positive emotions shared with others or in community have the strongest impact on our physical and mental health over time – “micro moments” of joy we experience throughout the day, such as sharing a laugh with a friend, seeing your baby smile, sharing a warm exchange with the cashier at the grocery store, or connecting with your partner over coffee in the morning.

The point is, there is value in the mundane, in the day to day… in the seemingly “boring” moments… because it’s all about perspective. All we have is this moment, this day. See the beauty in the little things. You can start by simply looking up from your phone… making eye contact… connecting with people more. Human connection is a basic need we all have. Become more aware of how these little moments build joy inside of you over time… they can truly bring you the meaning and purpose you so desire in this life. Stop running toward things. Pause and appreciate what’s in front of you. Start today.

If you struggle with connecting to yourself or others, or creating a positive mindset to move you forward in life, it may be time for us to have a conversation. You don’t have to walk alone – it would be my honor to walk beside you and help move you from where you are now to where you want to be. Are you ready to LEVEL UP?