A brand that reflects you.


Creating a brand and website is a big project — and an important one, since it’s the foundation of your business. Having moved through this process many times with myself and countless other entrepreneurs, I can confidently say the key is taking things step-by-step.


If you want to be successful, it’s important that you feel clear about what you’re doing, where you’re headed, and why. The good news is that working through this process can be incredibly empowering, inspiring, and transformational with the right designer on your team.



Let’s create a logo and visual assets that feel authentic to you.

A logo is a simple representation of your business that may contain artistic elements, symbols, and text. The logo design process also sets the fonts and color palette for your brand. Visual assets are branded graphics for marketing use that visually communicate the message and offerings of your business, using consistency to establish a strong brand identity.


  • Four-week partnership
  • Includes three variations of your finalized logo in variation file formats
  • Includes your brand color palette and fonts
  • Includes six social media assets for sharing about your new business and offerings
  • Includes one 60-minute coaching session


Book your free 30-minute design consultation directly into my calendar today to get started.



Your very own little slice of the World Wide Web.

A website is a place on the internet where potential clients can learn about you and your offerings, purchase goods or services, and contact you. Websites vary in complexity, ranging from simple to highly developed with extensive functionality. It is wise to choose a platform that will support your growth and evolution as an entrepreneur.


  • Twelve-week partnership
  • Includes new WordPress website with the following functionality:
    • Up to ten web pages with copy and photos provided by client
    • Copy writing assistance, if needed
    • Blog, if desired
    • Custom contact forms
    • Integration of email newsletter subscription, if desired
    • Integration of scheduling, appointment booking, and payment software, if desired
  • Includes three 60-minute life coaching sessions
  • Does not include cost of web hosting and email (assistance will be provided in setting these up)


Book your free 30-minute design consultation directly into my calendar today to get started.