Hi, I’m Loren!

I like to attribute where I am today to the moment I began a consistent yoga practice in 2009. I was going through a challenging time in my life and found that the more I kept showing up to my mat, the more supported and anchored I felt. I became a certified yoga instructor in 2010 and have been teaching ever since. Yoga has brought me the tools necessary to navigate everyday life with more ease and a deep sense of fulfillment. It’s also helped me connect with my deeper purpose in life: to help people level up in life, business, and wellness.


In 2015, my son, Julian, was born and I started a branding and web design business driven by my desire to stay home with him. I felt like I was putting my degree from the University of Washington in Journalism & Graphic Design to good use and I quickly realized I loved working for myself, working from home, and making my own schedule. Over the years, I have helped countless entrepreneurs launch businesses from a space of clarity, empowerment and authenticity with my design and coaching services. I find deep fulfillment in guiding clients toward finding and sustaining a career path that ignites passion and joy.

As the journey continued, I got curious about how I might use my skills and gifts to help more people in different ways. This is what inspired me to open The Studio in 2020 and become a certified life coach through Lumia in 2022.


My goal is to help clients find clarity, stay committed to the right habits and mindset for optimal wellness, help them grow their businesses, and keep their future visions thriving as they continue to evolve.


If this resonates with you and you are finding yourself in a season of life that is calling for reinvention, I’d love to connect. Hit the consult button below to book some time directly into my calendar. I look forward to the opportunity to support you in stepping into your next chapter.

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