Hi, I’m Loren!

I like to attribute where I am today to the moment I began a consistent yoga practice in 2009. I was going through a challenging time in my life and found that the more I kept showing up to my mat, the more supported and anchored I felt. I have been devoted to the practice ever since.


I became a certified yoga instructor in 2010 and have been teaching ever since. I completed my advanced training in 2019 and am currently an E-RYT 500 registered with Yoga Alliance. I believe my commitment as both a teacher and student to the practice of yoga over the years has radically shifted my perspective on life through deepening my own self-awareness, which has in turn deepened my awareness of the world around me, my relationships, and my connection to it all. Yoga has brought me the tools necessary to navigate everyday life with more ease and a deep sense of fulfillment.

As the years passed and I continued returning to my mat, I realized I was on a mission toward helping people find the joy and empowerment that I had found not only through the physical practice of yoga, but through other lifestyle changes that embrace a holistic approach where the aim is balance between work and play, self and others, giving and receiving. There is an art to finding and sustaining this balance, and I would not be where I am today without the support of many guides, coaches and mentors.


In 2015, my son, Julian, was born and I started a branding and web design business driven by my desire to stay home with him. I felt like I was putting my degree from the University of Washington in Journalism & Graphic Design to good use and I quickly realized I loved working for myself, working from home, and making my own schedule. Over the years, I have helped countless entrepreneurs build strong brand identities through logo and website design, launching businesses from a space of clarity, empowerment and authenticity. I find deep fulfillment in guiding clients toward finding and sustaining a career path that ignites passion and joy.

In 2020, I opened my very own yoga studio in Fort Worth, Texas called The Studio. We offer heated vinyasa and yin yoga classes in the heart of Fort Worth and are big on community. I feel so blessed to do the work I do today and watch it impact so many lives in a positive way.


As the journey continued, I got curious about how I might use the skills I’ve built and talents I possess to help more people in different ways. This is what inspired me to become a certified life coach through Lumia in 2022, and Level Up with Loren was born.


Everyone can use a second set of eyes. Sometimes when we are doing what we love or aspiring to get there, the business of running a business gets ignored. As an Empowerment Coach, I am here to help my clients solve practical problems which are both necessary for success and help sharpen their vision for the future. As a Brand Designer, I am able to create authentic logos, websites, and branded marketing content that showcase a client’s unique story, values, and mission. Coaching and design flow together in my process, leaving clients with beautiful end products they feel confident sharing with the world, a newfound sense of excitement for the future, and continued accountability through coaching and ongoing design services, if desired. My goal is to help clients find clarity, stay committed to the right habits and mindset for optimal wellness, help them grow their businesses, and keep their future visions thriving as they continue to evolve.

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Helping people level up in life, business and wellness. Guiding clients to find clarity, stay committed to the right habits and mindset for optimal wellness, grow their businesses, and thrive as they continue to evolve.